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Our Courses

Trading Course - Basic

This is the first course of a comprehensive trading training program, with which you will learn terminology, characteristics of brokers, types of operations, market schedules, principles of technical analysis and market operation, among other fundamental concepts to ensure success desired in financial markets.

Trading Course - Intermediate

In the second course of the comprehensive trading training program, you will learn technically the time frames in which it is possible to operate and you will be able to identify the one that you feel most comfortable with from your trading personality, you will also be able to interpret the main technical indicators and you will learn to use the Fibonacci tool, Elliot Waves and the Wyckoff Method.

Trading Course - Advanced

In the third course of the comprehensive training program, you will master consistency in trading, managing administrative risk. The objective is that you acquire a strategy with a correct functional trading plan that is adaptable to your personality and that you delve into psychotrading, monetary management and the most important aspects to take into account to achieve the expected economic benefits.

Our Courses

Video Library


21. Advanced Trader - Trading...

Advanced Trader enables easy trading for any style of trader. In this short video, discover the options of the platform. When you open a position, you can use 3 different methods: the trading box, placing an order or trading directly from the chart. By watching the video, learn how each option works..


20. Advanced Trader - Charting...

Discover the power of charting of Advanced Trader. Explore or inspire trading ideas by using the many tools and indicators available on the platform. In this video, you will learn how to set up your charts with your favourite indicators and overlays and even create alerts.


19. Introduction to Advanced T...

Discover the overview of Advanced Trader, the platform for new and experienced traders. A single screen provides full transparency and direct access to charts, your open positions summary, the order book, the trade log, your account overview, market news and live trading quotes.


18. MT5 Indicators and Templat...

Learn how to save time by using chart templates and profiles to set up your charts to support your preferences for specific markets, instruments and strategies.


17. MT5 Charting & Technical T...

Unlock the full potential of technical tools of MetaTrader 5. This video provides an overview of the charts settings, shows how to modify orders and presents the built-out tools you can choose for analytical resources.

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